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Wasn’t it January like 5 minutes ago?

I swear to god it was

Last time i checked it was 2011??

I fell asleep in 2007 and I woke up now it’s 2013

Wait the 90’s are over???

Hold up, the Spice Girls broke up!?

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Can you imagine Belle tackling Rumple for whatever reason? He isn’t a big guy (I think he’s the shortest male lead actually bless him) but he’s magic and really powerful so he wouldn’t even move much unless he was genuinely surprised but she’s never without heels so he’d probably know and just…


Guys, I think we need to show more appreciation for Hook’s amazing ability to apply eyeliner with one hand and a hook.


bryan fuller when creating hannibal: “find me the prettiest english boy you can find. cover him in dirt and sweat and pain and make him talk like he’s from virginia. there should be a dog in this one too. maybe like seven or eight dogs.”

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